General Liability Insurance and Commercial Insurance:

Commercial Insurance is requirement for most businesses and individuals.  Some see it as a commodity.  But, if you have to have insurance why not purchase it from a team who will be an advocate throughout the year and not just at renewal.   A.P. Orleans is an expert in commercial lines and general liability insurance.

The following are other types of insurance that may be appropriate for your business:


General Liability

Commercial Property

Directors and Officers Liability

Employment Practices Liability

Worker’s Compensation


Fiduciary Liability

Professional Liability

Business Interruption and Extra Expense

Commercial Automobile

Owners and Contractors Protective

Builder’s Risk

Construction Insurance for Single Purpose Entities

Inland Marine and Ocean Marine

Excess Liability

Commercial Flood

Commercial Excess Flood


If you’re not sure what some of these coverages are then you may be missing something in your current insurance program.  You know you have general liability insurance and that it includes coverage for your products.  But, if your products are professional services then your general liability policy may not respond.  Your commercial insurance program includes business interruption coverage, but when was the last time you checked to make sure you had sufficient coverage?  Interruptions to business due to weather can cause devastating losses to businesses.  Don’t be caught off guard.  Do you have a vendor who may interact poorly with you staff?  Courts are starting to award damaged regarding employment practices related issues caused by third parties.  It’s insurable.  Is that box checked on your employment practices liability policy?

We check in the cracks…because the only difference between a small problem and a big problem is time.


We are a boutique commercial insurance firm.  We like to spend time and build a relationship with our customers.  We truly provide excellent customer service and a great experience for our customers when they come to us with questions and when we develop a commercial insurance policy for them.