We put together comprehensive insurance programs for our clients including:  Worker’s Compensation, General Liability, Builder’s Risk, Director’s and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Commercial Automobile, Cyberliability, Excess Liability and more.

At A.P. Orleans we take pride in providing the highest level of service and personalization for our clients. We’ve identified several problem areas with the traditional brokerage model and tailor our business model to alleviate any potential hurdles:

“I only see my broker once a year…and that’s at renewal time.”

The key to any successful working relationship is communication. And that means all year round and not just the few months surrounding your insurance renewal. Whether its questions about your worker’s compensation experience modification or your excess liability limits you can count on us for an explanation that is understandable.

“I feel like I’m always forced to make last minute decisions about my insurance renewals”

When communication with your broker is not consistent throughout the year then the renewal process can feel rushed. You may not have budgeted big increase. You may have been surprised by a large additional premium for your Worker’s Compensation policy.  You may not have prepared your associates for big changes in plan designs. Through our quarterly review process there are no surprises. We give you the facts so that you can prepare your budget. We help you provide adequate lead time to prepare your associates if big changes are on the horizon. We help our customers make wise decisions by providing them with an understanding of everything they need to know throughout the year. We believe that preparation and education allows you to make better decisions in a timeframe that suits you…not your broker or the insurance company.

“My broker doesn’t answer the phone and it takes them too long to return my calls.”

We hear this a lot. And we don’t understand it. We could offer lots of explanations for why you are experiencing this. But, the bottom line is that you don’t have the level of communication in your broker relationship that you need in order to make the relationship work for you and your company. Our clients are provided with the cell phone numbers of our principals. Through our years of experience, we have found that when people are able to get a quick answer about an insurance issue they are worried about it reduces their level of stress tremendously. Easy Access. Quick Answers. Less Worry.

“I feel like my broker doesn’t really understand my business or the challenges I face.”

Does your broker realize that foreign manufacturing companies are eating into your profits? Or that your top salesperson just went to a competitor? Maybe you lost your top account to a competitor? We urge our clients to leverage their relationship with us. We endeavor to become experts in the industries our clients serve so that we can become another resource. In addition, we invite our clients to connect with our contacts within the community in an effort to help you with your business development goals.