A lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area, Alice Niles has more than 25 years of experience within the Commercial, Personal and Employee Benefits Insurance Industry. She began her career in personal and commercial lines underwriting after graduating from Saint Michael’s College. Her experience in underwriting automobile and homeowners insurance gave her the opportunity to speak with individuals and hear their concerns about the cost of insurance and how it impacted their household budgets.

Alice’s experience in Commercial Lines Underwriting gave her the opportunity to service many different insurance agents and brokers and learn the differences in how they served their clients. This chapter in Alice’s career also afforded her the experience of working for an insurance carrier. As such, Alice is well acquainted with exactly what insurance carriers expect from their independent agent partners and what qualities they look for in the companies and individuals they choose to insure.

Due to her expertise in building mutually successful relationships between the agents and the insurance carrier, Alice expanded her role to marketing in a Territory Manager capacity within the Philadelphia insurance market. This allowed Alice to explore how the independent insurance agent worked in greater detail.

It wasn’t long until Alice decided to join the “agent side” and she has been working in that role for the past 10 years finding solutions to complex risk management problems for companies. Alice specializes in serving the mid-market as she recognizes that these companies are generally under served by their current broker.

Joining A. P. Orleans gave Alice the opportunity to concentrate on the needs of General Contractors and Artisan Contractors. As the risk manager for JP Orleans, she understands the special concerns that residential home builders face particularly in the new, post 2008 economy and with construction insurance in particular.

Being involved in various roles within the Philadelphia insurance community for so long provides Alice with a unique ability to provide valuable insight to her clients.
Alice Niles enjoys being active in community activities and not for profit organizations throughout the Philadelphia region. Her personal philosophy of making ‘deposits’ before you take ‘withdrawals’ is one that clients and friends admire.