A. P. Orleans Risk Management is focused on advocating for our clients by delivering customized insurance solutions and proactive risk management programs. We pride ourselves in providing professional, objective guidance while offering personal attention.

Unlike larger, corporate insurance brokerages that put an emphasis on creating efficiencies, A.P. Orleans is a boutique insurance agency that specializes in providing custom solutions for our clients.  While some insurance agencies discourage ‘special requests’ from customers because it may cause inefficiencies in their corporate structure, we encourage it.  In this new economy, we recognize the fact that our client’s needs may change quickly so our approach needs to respond to their needs.  Our boutique approach to risk management and insurance allows us to spend more time with our clients and respond quickly to their changing needs.

We are a unique blend of youth and experience.  The younger members of our team have a strong understanding of technology and how, if not managed properly, it can pose potential hazards to businessowners.  Technology in business will continue to develop at a fast pace.  Our experts can keep up with it making sure your exposures are managed.  Rule books are important but our boutique approach to insurance and managing risk allows us to know when it’s time to write a new chapter in the rule book.  Our goal is to connect with our clients on a personal level so that we can better understand their fears, goals and needs.

The key to any successful working relationship is communication. And that means all year round and not just the few months surrounding your renewal.  At A. P. Orleans we anticipate the ‘difficult’ by managing the ‘easy’.  Proactive communication just makes sense.

Soichiro Honda said that 99% of success is failure.  We try to make sure that the 99% is insured so you can keep building your business.