At A.P. Orleans, we understand how hard you’ve worked building your company. We also understand that questions regarding whether or not your business and personal assets are adequately insured and protected can create uncertainty. While many risk management firms examine risks posed by just your business exposures, our team at A. P. Orleans analyzes the both business and personal exposures. This way, issues that may overlap are identified and remediated. As a business owner, your personal goals and business goals overlap. We help our clients find the right kind of business insurance for their assets and their business so nothing falls in the cracks. Business insurance is complicated and confusing. Our clients tell us that we have a knack for making it understandable.

Large scale insurance brokerages are generally structured for efficiency. They provide consistent service. Consistency has a part in our new economy; but we believe they key to success for the future is specializing in customization and special requests from customers. The ability to recognize an opportunity and implement a plan to take advantage of that opportunity quickly will be what differentiates successful companies from those that do not succeed.

The Property Casualty Insurance industry recognizes change slowly. Many insurance professionals are not in tuned with the new perils and risks their clients are exposed to. Business insurance used to mean protecting the assets companies stored in warehouses. Now it also means protecting assets stored on servers. Cyber-liability, Data breach, Website ransom demands are just a few perils that didn’t exist until recently.

Climate change has turned the ‘hundred year storm’ into a regular occurrence. Regular reviews of your business insurance policies for appropriate levels of business interruption and extra expense coverage is imperative.

Massive layoffs in the economic downturn had many companies experiencing employment practices liability lawsuits for the first time. The moment you receive suit papers is the wrong time to realize you do not have that coverage.

The industrial age moved slowly. This new age does not. Neither can your risk management firm.